HCI Abuja – Alert Warning against fraudsters

HCI Abuja – Alert Warning against fraudsters

Alert Warning (June 6, 2016)

Instances have come to notice lately that Indian nationals living abroad have fallen prey to fraudster/gang, whose modus operandi are
broadly as follows:

 The fraudster calls up the prospective victim posing as a High Commission official who is eager to help the victim;

 To create confidence in the victim that the fraudster is actually a High Commission’s official, he spoofs the telephone number of the High
Commission. In other words, a cyber/telecom manipulating skill is used wherein the number of the High Commission instead of the fraudster’s telephone number appears on the screen of the victim’s telephone instrument;

 The fraudster apparently has access to personal details of the victim such as personal particulars in the passport, and uses this information to counter any suspicion on the part of the victim;

 Fraudster offers to help out the victim by urging him to transfer money to the account of a lawyer which the High Commission has hired to take immediate pre-emptive action. Stating that since Indian  government’s procedure is slow and it would take some time before money can be released to pay the lawyer’s fee, the fraudster urges the victim to pay up the money to stop an impending action and later claim reimbursement;

 A few Indian nationals have been tricked in this way and parted with good amount of their money as they transferred the money to the account indicated by the fraudster.

In order to avoid falling prey to such fraudsters, Indian nationals are advised to be cautious if they happen to encounter such dubious people in one form or the other.

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Above security advisory available at HCI website Alert Warning against fraudsters