Their are some messages passing through social media regarding “Indian’s Nigeria” page and only message forwarded to some group without image.
This message not related to www.IndiansInNigeria.com and we do not authenticate genuineness of this message for now

Dear All. Please beware of “Indian’s Nigeria” page if you are member of this group. This is a pseudo Indian page. It is operated by some extremist; who is adding forcefully every of its member to “World’s Muslim directory” page. There is major conspiracy behind it. please report this “Indian’s Nigeria” page to block. Please inform all our Nigerian Indian friends to save them from any malicious activities by this page. Please send this message to all friends.


Yellow logo. “Indian in Nigeria” profile pic. Indian’s Nigeria..Africa Gujrati Dictionary. Gujrat University

This is to inform you that www.IndiansInNigeria.com not affiliated to any religion or political party not any extremist.

Its an initiative from like minded Indian fellows to serve the community FREE of Cost.
we do not share subscriber’s information to anyone and strictly will be used to provide updates and news in and around Nigeria to indian community.

We do belive in “लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु” and “Unity in Diversity”