ICA is the largest Association of Indians in Nigeria with active involvement in Nigerian and Indian Community Social and Welfare Programs. Supported by various Orgranizations in Nigeria, ICA has been actively participating in upliftment of the local Nigerian Community as well endavouring towards socializing of Indian Members in Nigeria.


Aims and Objectives

To foster and strengthen friendship and goodwill between the people of India and Nigeria.

To establish better contact amongst Indian Community in Nigeria and to promote and establish lasting spirit of fellowship and mutual bond of friendliness.

To organize various functions, shows, entertainment and other cultural, social and welfare programmes with a view to project the social and cultural image of India amongst the local community.

To organize any other activity in fulfilment of the objectives of the association for the benefit of its members.

Past Presidents

  • Mr Murali Chellaram
  • Mr Laju Chenrai
  • Dr Chellaram
  • Chief H B Chenrai
  • Mr Jogender Lalwani
  • Mr Suresh Chellaram
  • Mr H K Ram
  • Mr Gulu Wadhwani
  • Mr G H Dayal
  • Mr D S Mirani
  • Mr Lalit Wadhwani
Past Gen Secretary

  • Mr T M Menon
  • Mr K Doshi
  • Mr N K Somani
  • Mr Garg
  • Mr Deepak
  • Mr S C Srivastav
  • Dr P Shenoy
  • Mr Ashok Jain
  • Mr N K Bhalla
  • Mr V G Jajoo
  • Mrs M Sujain