Kerala Samajam

The Kerala Samajam, Nigeria was established on 15th July 2001 at Hindu Mandir Foundation, Geeta Mandir Hall,Ilupeju,Lagos,Nigeria. It is wholly a cultural organization that furnishes the cultural and social requirements of the Indian community in general and the Malayalee community in particular living in Lagos,Nigeria. It also involves in charity activities and local community uplifting programs
Every year,KSN conducts numerous programs and activities for our community’s well being and its progress. We try to preserve the malayalee tradition and culture through the activities and events we conduct. The Association provides opportunities and encourages its members to participate. It helps to meet and exchange views and also to foster their friendship, goodwill, moral, social, educational, literary, artistic and cultural heritage.
Other than celebrating the normal festival like EID, Easter, Onam, Vishu, Christmas, New year the associations take much attention in receiving the well-known celebrities from India and bring them close to the Indian community in Nigeria. We exhort all Malayalees of Lagos to actively participate in the various programs organized by KSN .Our mission is to provide a forum to exhibit our cultural talents, diversity and promote family values.The Kerala Samajam Nigeria is always ready to help the Keralites within the limitation of the Samajam.
  • The aims of the Samajam shall be social and cultural in nature. Its activities shall be non-commercial and non-political in nature.
  • The Objectives of the Samajam shall be:
  • To establish better contacts amongst the Malayalees in Nigeria and to foster mutual bond of goodwill, friendliness and brotherhood.
  • To organize various functions, shows, entertainment and other cultural, social and welfare programmes for the Malayalees in Nigeria.
  • To organize various sports and arts events for the Samajam members.
  • To establish better contacts between the Samajam and other Indian Communities in Nigeria.
  • To organize any other activity in fulfillment of the objectives of the Samajam and for the benefit of its members;