Oh the supreme most good spirit, (call whatever name you want). Take me completely, take my sins that I have done knowingly or unknowingly, take my joys and sufferings, take all that are of mine and give me you and lead my life according to your wishes make me do good things for the sake of this world Give me the strength for not forgetting and worshipping you, give me the strength to me to call you in times of sufferings and enjoyment, give me the strength to do good for this world ,give me the strength to know whatever you make me like, please come towards me please come within me, I  am in great need of you, please come please………please …………please  come please give me the intense feeling of love and devotion towards you oh the supreme  most  good spirit, please come….. come…. come…… please……take the tainted consequence of my sins and good deeds. Please flow into me my dear, please flow into me my dear, please flow into me my god, please make me good my dear, please do me do think and speak your wishes my dear, please cleanse my thoughts and emotions my dear please flow in to me my dear please come god please ….. please……..please come
It is a distinct pattern using a different sort of design which resembles leaves, tree, flames, water, mud, air soul, sky everything which tires to explain the inner craving. It is initially done with blue coloured pen. Those work from the first generation of Jvala us done in multicolour using dot pens. After that both fabric pant and ink are combinedly used. It forms the third generation.